Social Media Management Tool using No-Code

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Social Media Management Tool using No-Code

Nishith Gupta
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Get your own Social Media Management tool for LIFETIME (Free, Pay a Fair price & Paid options available)

Tool feature set

You will be able to do the following using your own SMM tool:

  • Publish posts to:
    • LinkedIn Page
    • Twitter
    • Facebook Page
    • Instagram (normal post)
    • Telegram Group
  • You can post in real-time or schedule messages
  • You can choose and pick Social Media channels for every post
  • Types of posts you can do:
    • Simple text post
    • Simple text + link post
    • Single Image + text post
    • Single Image + text + link post
  • Analytics:
    • Analyze how much traffic came to your site via links shared using the tool
    • Compare the performance of different social media channels

Example & Screenshots

A working example that you can verify on UXHack channels:

Post submitted via Airtable form:

Post fetched in Integromat:

Post published on UXHack channels:









The analytics dashboard created in GA:


1. What is the running cost to use this tool?

This tool uses the following no-code stack: Make.com (previously Integromat), Airtable.com, Short.io & Google Analytics.

The last three currently provide generous free access so shouldn't be a worry.

However, Make.com limits the free plan to 1000 operations/month which can support an average of 1.5 posts per day (with some smart hacks and assuming you are posting on all supported channels).

Their first paid plan comes at $9-$10/month which provides 10000 operations/month. From cost comparison with other SMM tools like Buffer, and Hootsuite, this still works out cheaper to run

2. Who is this ideal for?

If you meet the following characteristics, this tool can be a time-saver:

  • Your business is present/want to have your business present on at least three of the following channels: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram & Telegram
  • You do/plan to do at least 2-3 posts per week
  • You have a website domain on which you want to get the traffic from your social posts

Bonus: You also get to learn a pretty cool no-code stack


For my own as well as for business purposes at UXHack, earlier I used to rely on tools like Hootsuite, Buffer & others.

Though never really got hang of them due to following reasons:

  • Constraints in free subscription: Limited social accounts, no/limited analytics
  • Felt it doesn't warrant a monthly subscription. Think it only works for large agencies who want to manage workflows etc

In fact, once we got a paid intern just to post manually when the volume spiked.

And then I got exposed to some lovely no-code tools like Integromat & Airtable. And that's how the experiment started to see if I can develop something that can work for our use cases.

And voila, it worked out. We now post on UXHack channels (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Telegram) through our own Social Media Management Tool

It's a direct time saver for us being an early-stage startup.

And thus thought, this can be a good addition to anyone who doesn't want to pay a monthly subscription but still post with enough frequency on multiple channels.

I want this!
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You'll get a downloadable PDF which has all the instructions, Integromat and Airtable template to copy and how to setup your own tool

Social Media Channels supported
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Telegram
Custom Analytics Dashboard
Using Google Analytics


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